November 13, 2009

CSM 4 Candidacy: Vote Serenity Steele.

How time flies - It's term 4 of the CSM and I've decided to run again. For those of you that don't know me, I was Vice Chairman of the 1st CSM. Please cast your Vote here.

My main platform at that time is what it remains today: I offer the EVE Community my

- Capabilities: At assessing and refining issues raised by players and fellow council members. In particular bringing an independent, balanced view to all issues.

- Credibility: Ability to deliver on plans. During CSM 1, I was elected as Vice Chairman. Knowledge of the universe and game, from EVE Strategic Maps, Running Alliances, Corporations and Launching the first Public IPOs to the Economy.

Credibility: Qualified player
Playing EVE since 2003 with 5 accounts has given me a deep knowledge of almost all game mechanics. This enables me to predict side-effects (or benefits) of proposed issues. This includes eg. PvP (Solo/Gang/Fleet/Blob), PvE, Mission running, Manufacturing from Moon/Roid/NPC to finished Ships and Modules (T1/T2/T3), POS, 0.0 Infrastructure (Outposts, Corp, Alliance, Pirating, being Suicide Ganked, Wars, Faction Warfare, NPCing, Mission Runnning and research. I do have a gap in my experience in Invention and Wormhole life, but know enough players who do both these activities to gather balanced views.

Capability: Qualified professional; With 20 years of professional experience in IT and Internet at a senior/strategic level and relevant experience to CSM in the areas of Leading/Participating in committees, teams and working groups, Mentoring and training managers and consulting on Internet Strategy, process management and change management.

During my working time, I created (EVE Strategic Maps) with is used by CCP employees! I've also appeared in documentaries to advocate EVE Online to current non-players (another Perfect World). For the last 3 months I've been doing private study on Game Design, and am working on private business venture for a new MMO. I was at the Game Developers Conference Europe to get the low-down on the Dust514 launch.

Belief in EVE Players
I have a strong belief that players have the capabilities, ideas and ingenuity to make changes in how we experience the game through emergent play, without sweeping changes from CCP.

Eg. Dominion: while thankfully (hopefully) solving the POS boredom, was not necessary to break the alliance stagnation in 0.0 space; It is possible for players to achieve this through self organisation.

What we players do need from CCP is support for game mechanic and particularly social networking tools to enhance the player abilities. Eg. Eve Banks, IPOs, Alliance organisation tools, Spacebook, API key access and of course the individual balance issues, which have been highlighted by players from CSM1 to CSM3. This will become increasingly important as Dust514 is integrated to New Eden in 2010.

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Vote Serenity Steele (or) Post a question up here. You're also welcome to Evemail or Convo me in-game.