October 09, 2008

FREE huge Poster with 2nd Edition Book.

For the curious, here is the size of the Poster that comes FREE with the 2nd Edition:

The poster includes all low-sec systems that have connection to other low-sec systems or 0.0 space. The North/South/East/West orientation between systems is true to the in-game map, and it includes all the low-sec faction warfare systems.

As with other maps, strategically important no-sec (0.0) outposts located to the edge of low-sec are also included, as are alternate close-routes through high-sec.

As per my previous blog, the poster will also be available for separate order, so owners of the 1st edition don't need to buy the 2nd edition to get the poster. (CCP haven't put that up on the ordering site yet)
The price is $6.95 including shipping as a flat-fold, or $12.95 on thick paper in a rolled tube (fixed price including shipping).

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CrazyKinux said...

Got my ESM Ed.2 earlier this week. The improvements are really useful and the poster will go up, once I'm done with the new office.