September 07, 2008

EVE Maps 2nd Edition

EvE Strategic Maps 2nd Edition is now done and approved, and will be going to print tomorrow morning, so should start shipping in about 2-3 weeks. It is already available on pre-order

New Features
  • Full 14-page Index by Solar System
  • Market Hubs Marked on the map
  • Mini-Legend on every page for station services and moon/asteroid indicators
  • The fill colour of the border grids references on each page match the primary security of the regions.
  • Back-level grid lines added for faster/easier system location. These are subtle to not interfere with clearly seeing jumps
  • Universe page shows Faction Warfare regions at a glance
  • Faction Warfare region pages easier to identify quickly with colour reference in region name
  • Free HUGE low-sec multi-region poster containing same detail as EVE Strategic Map pages

Improvements to Existing Features
  • Colours brightened, for high-sec and no-sec station systems, to make obvious in low-lighting
  • Station Services simplified for reading:
    Oriented to Up/Down/Left/Right
    Indicator increased in size
    Better colours - white in high/low sec and higher contrast station system in no-sec
  • System names tweaked to aid identification of symbols
    increase distance from moon/asteroid/complex symbols
  • Additional off-region systems added to region pages to highlight multi-region routes.
  • 2D EVE Minimap, In-game ‘GPS’ browser tool for fast lookup of grid references with visual display. Search function works in a normal browser.

  • Updated with all current outposts (Yellow stickers still included!)
  • Ice fields removed from Kakakela, Sobaseki , T-8UOF, 5-75MB and Inoue

Error corrections
  • Kador: Some systems were coloured incorrectly for lowsec/highsec.
    Code created to identify any occurrence on any maps, all fixed
  • Jumps: some jumps were only shown in 1 direction on across region pages.
    Code created to identify any occurrence, 5 found and all fixed.
  • Grid References: Some references to other regions showed the grid-reference in the current region.
    Code for assigning Grid-References changed and all fixed.
  • Perrigen falls: Moons were on a hidden layer and not shown.
    Fixed - The layer is now shown.
  • Table of Contents:
    "Bleak Land, The" was missing an “s”, corrected.
    "Kalevala Expanse" was missing “The”. Corrected.

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flashman said...

Preordered! It looks awesome and I can't wait to get it in my hot little hands.