September 07, 2008

1st Edition Owners

I’ve worked hard to ensure that 1st Edition books keep their value, when compared to the 2nd Edition. I've taken the principle that any Strategic Map book should have a longevity of at least 1 year (Twice as long as the average EVE Subscription) and possibly up to 2 years (2 yearly Map changes by CCP willing).

How you ask? here is the round-up:
  • New Outposts covered by stickers
    Of course, any new outposts you can mark with your existing stickers. You should have approx. 130 of an original 144 Yellow stickers, to update the outposts! (If you've not started using them to mark your alliances sovereignty)
  • Page Numbers and Grid references are the same
    So you can communicate with owners of the new book with the same references. Same for all the syndicated sites (Verite's Sov Map, ICSC Jumpplanner et. al). Where systems have been tweaked in placement, they were kept in the same grid. This means works for you.
  • The EVE universe has not changed
    The EVE Universe has not changed
    The EVE Universe has not changed.
    Regions, Systems, Jumps etc. are all the same. NO CHANGE. NADA.
    At which point, I'd like to take a rant tangent for all the protagonists and forum whores who said "Not worth it - jumps, regions and systems change too frequently"; Regions, Systems and Jumps only change frequently on the maps you use, when your chosen cartographer does a shite job :P
    ESM Database driven checking FTW.
  • Map Index available for download and print
    You can download and print an index - This version has been available for a while.
    I'll release the index from the 2nd Edition shortly.
  • HUGE map available for separate purchase
    I've arranged with MMM publishing and CCP, that the free map with the 2nd Editon will be available for separate purchase at a fixed price that basically covers Postage & Packaging for the folded version as per with 2nd Edition. Or you can choose to have it delivered rolled-up in a Tube. (will appear on the store shortly)
  • You own an irreplaceable EVE Collectible
    Yep that's right! You own the 1st edition of the 1st officially published fan content for EVE Online (Currently the ONLY fan content officially published, and possibly any MMO?). So don't spill Beer or it, or throw it in a Canal ;) ok?
Thanks to each of you who purchased EVE-Maps by buying the 1st edition, and I hope this explains how I work hard to respect your support for the ESM and projects.

So what now? Fix the website to handle the visitor volumes. More website, IGB and digital tools to increase the utility of ESM!
Back to programming ...

Serenity Steele (aka. Shayne Smart)

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