August 31, 2008 (Beta)

During the week, based on the survey results, I coded up a "2D MiniMap" that works in-game and shows you where you are on the EVE Maps Grid, as well as page number. Thanks to Stins for pushing me to make it.
It works like this:

These are the screens in detail
Some tips are included when you first open the site. The best one is to re-map your keys (Press Esc > shortcuts > map "Open Browser' to ALT+F11)

The map will automatically as you fly around.

It shows which grid you're on, and it will also display in the title of the window. So you can minimize the window, and just see the ref.

Clicking on the map displayed will bring up the search window. Type a few letters (minimum 3) and hit enter.

When maps are shown in search mode, to not confuse with auto-update mode, a white-border appears around the map and "Search" is shown in the title. It won't auto-update as you fly around.

Click on the map again to return to the search screen, or Exit the search.

That's it - It's just in beta now - one thing I would like to know is if it's loading quick enough once a few people start using it. In a normal browser, it will just enable the search function.

Please post any suggestions on how to improve it as comments to this blog!


eolruin said...

Awesome stuff. As usual.

I hope I would have more time for EVE currently.

who8mylunch said...

Hey this is great. So far I just tried it out-of-game from work. So it looks like it just gives a general overview of where you are. Is there any possibility for zooming in?

Serenity Steele said...

Yes, I think so.

At the moment, I've focused on highlighting the grid on the Strategic Maps where you're at (A visual short-cut to the grid references).

Creating a "zoomed in" version would require a separate technique to generate all the individual images (which I haven't worked out yet). I'll see what I can do.

Manasi said...

You must be awake 24/7/365 Absolutely amazing to be sure! I love the strategic map and use it just about every comes you ever sleep? I think not! Great work indeed!

Castelo Branco said...

That is a very nice feature, but I am having some trouble. Everythig work in-game, but the little image do not show. Tha ESM and sistema location works fine, but no image. Do not know what to do. Help?

Serenity Steele said...

Hi Castelo Branco,

There are a couple of things you can try;
- Make sure you don't resize the in-game browser window too small, or the image will drop off the window
- Make sure your fire-wall isn't blocking the images. You should see the little instruction image first.
- Try open a single image in the window eg:

Feel free to send me a message in-game "Serenity Steele" or convo if you're still having trouble.

zael kato'ziri said...

loads fast enough. set as the starting page for my browser however, it does not load. i have to go to my bookmarks and reload it that way. probably just the browser. which should be way better than it is. maybe something you can suggest at the next CSM meeting.

Anonymous said...

Mini-map is very nice, however its just so small in my interface (2560x1600), it would be sweet if it was about 4x larger.. perhaps you could have a few different sizes available..

Finn said...

Hi, I tried the IGB version and it does work (sorta) although it is, as you mentioned, very very slow. I also can't seem to resize the image to take advantage of my whole IGB window.

The map stays the same size as the 'splash screen' and I can't seem to resize it, although there should be a way. Clicking-and-dragging on the borders just enters search mode. I assume I'm doing something wrong since I hardly ever use the IGB and I'm not familiar with it.

Can you help an IGB noob please?

Anonymous said...

how do you make a map bigger...i cant see anything

Kvikorma said...

Is the image itself resizeable? Seems like I should be able to click and drag given the arrows on the starter image but it won't let me. At 1920X1200 the image is too small on the default to be of use. Maybe I'm missing something?

LuckyLuigi said...

I like it but it's so tiny I can't see a thing. If you make it possible to resize the map to a larger size it would be a very nice toy.

Anonymous said...

hi. i have a game resolution of 1680 * 1050 and is so small it is unreadable/unusuable. is there a way to make the image bigger (make it follow in size the igb window). am i missing /doing wrong something?