August 31, 2008 (Beta)

During the week, based on the survey results, I coded up a "2D MiniMap" that works in-game and shows you where you are on the EVE Maps Grid, as well as page number. Thanks to Stins for pushing me to make it.
It works like this:

These are the screens in detail
Some tips are included when you first open the site. The best one is to re-map your keys (Press Esc > shortcuts > map "Open Browser' to ALT+F11)

The map will automatically as you fly around.

It shows which grid you're on, and it will also display in the title of the window. So you can minimize the window, and just see the ref.

Clicking on the map displayed will bring up the search window. Type a few letters (minimum 3) and hit enter.

When maps are shown in search mode, to not confuse with auto-update mode, a white-border appears around the map and "Search" is shown in the title. It won't auto-update as you fly around.

Click on the map again to return to the search screen, or Exit the search.

That's it - It's just in beta now - one thing I would like to know is if it's loading quick enough once a few people start using it. In a normal browser, it will just enable the search function.

Please post any suggestions on how to improve it as comments to this blog!

August 16, 2008

Back on Track

After a few weeks holiday break, I had a nice surprise that the First Edition of EVE Strategic Maps has sold out!

I'm now working on the updated version which is available for pre-order. The second print-run will be smaller, so make sure you pre-order or risk missing out on holding EVE at your fingertips.

What you can expect is:
Any corrections marked on the forums or via email will be fixed. Rather than just fix those noted, I'm adding additional database queries to identify the errors, so that any others of the same type are caught. The main errors were:
  • Colour of security systems - some systems were incorrectly marked red/green. I didn't have a query to check this.
  • Backwards jumps across some pages. In a few instances, jumps between regions crossing pages were not shown in one direction. This occured as a result of a database checking query that validated all jumps were included from all systems, but not checking bi-directional jumps crossing 2 map pages where the "out of region" systems were NOT shown. Redesign of the query is required.
  • Perrigen region missing asteroid belts. This layer of information was not turned back on after editing before the final export and not detected in the database checks (since the information existed). This will be controlled by code to ensure all layers are ON before export.
Additional Content
  • New outposts built at time of printed will be in the book (Stickers will ofc be included)
  • More systems included from other regions on main pages. This is to account for strategic changes in the landscape of EVE with the placement of new outposts.
  • Additional map content. More on this later once it's confirmed
Additionally, I'll be gathering more direct feedback from players to determine any additional changes. If you have any specific wishes for the this edition, please email them to me directly:
support [at]