July 10, 2008

COSMOS feature Images

One of the great things about EVE is all the unqiue visual sites, both CCP and player made. Throughout the EVE Strategic Map book, regions with interesting COSMOS, Beacon and Complex sites have an image and grid reference displayed.

I've now added these to the web-site pages, you'll see a random screen-shot on most pages. There are over 200 different shots.

There are some pretty amazing images in EVE, so before you ask - they're all direct screenshots. I hope you find the places interesting!



CrazyKinux said...

Ooohoooo!!! This gives me an idea...

looking forward to seeing those screenshots.


Serenity Steele said...

There all up on the site now, appearing on the RHS.

I was thinking of incorporating them into an IGB "Tour of the Universe" together with bookmark packages on contract.

If you want to browse through them all, just as ?Gallery=1 , ?Gallery=2 etc. to the end of the URL. If you want to see them all, I can create a separate page listing all.

What's your idea?