July 27, 2008

AFK for summer holidays

Well it's been a busy 1st half of the year;
- Finished and Launched Eve Strategic Map Book of 2D Eve Maps
- Player meet Gankathon in Copenhagen
- Campaigned and elected for Council of Stellar Management
- Setup the eve-csm site (which needs an update now!)
- CCP/CSM First meeting in Reykjavik
- Translated the Eve Maps legend into 15 languages
- Syndicated out the grid refs
- Put up all the COSMOS images onto the site

And somewhere in between all that we've run 7 CSM council meetings online since starting in June. Add 10 Outpost Alert newsletters and it's time for a few weeks holidays.

Outpost Alert! will resume when I'm back Mid-August.
Daily updates to Alliance Rankings will continue while I'm gone.

Signing out
/Serenity Steele.

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