June 20, 2008

Locked out of hotel at 4am

So it was 04:00am on Saturday, and I'm locked out of the hotel. I stared at the building for a while, and thought of a erm .. way around the problem, but didn't think anyone would believe it if they didn't see it .. so I got out my phone's camera and it went like this:

My room is under the word "Hotel" in the sign.
As in Hotel; Door Locked.

So I checked around the corner...

For something I could use to leverage my way in ...




Home at last ...

but the door was locked ...

.. But this one wasn't




"I was gone for like 10 minutes?! Couldn't you have waited!"


Anonymous said...

Crazy man!

Imagine headline now:

'CSM Internet Chieftain in mysterious hotel death plunge'

"Was Jade Constantine to blame?"

CrazyKinux said...

Ahahaha!!!! Now that was funny. Love the way you used the photos to tell the tale.