June 29, 2008

Most prolific builder

Eve-maps.com website now has two "All time" Alliance rankings:
- Rank of alliances by Outposts Built
- Rank of alliances by Outposts Conquered (excludes ones they built themselves)

This came about from an discussion last weekend about which alliance had built the most outposts, and well .. it just needed a definitive answer.

A shout out to the members of alliances dead, but still hold top rankings;
- Ascendant Frontier
- Interstellar Starbase Syndicate (Dormant)
- Ka-Tet (Dying rapidly)
- Lotka Volterra

June 20, 2008

Locked out of hotel at 4am

So it was 04:00am on Saturday, and I'm locked out of the hotel. I stared at the building for a while, and thought of a erm .. way around the problem, but didn't think anyone would believe it if they didn't see it .. so I got out my phone's camera and it went like this:

My room is under the word "Hotel" in the sign.
As in Hotel; Door Locked.

So I checked around the corner...

For something I could use to leverage my way in ...




Home at last ...

but the door was locked ...

.. But this one wasn't




"I was gone for like 10 minutes?! Couldn't you have waited!"

June 09, 2008

CSM #03: Make your vote count: Abstain!

The 3rd CSM meeting ended about 30 minutes ago and we managed to get more issues passed for discussion with CCP. As per last meeting, votes were taken as to whether issues should be raised to CCP, rather than specific recommendations (These need to be written in the next 4 days).

Chat Logs for the second CSM meeting#03 are posted onto the (unofficial) Council of Stellar Management site. The Agenda can be seen here.

The CSM members now have 4 days to complete a detailed description of all issues raised so far, for submission to CCP.

The bad news is, the CSM spent a significant amount of time on process discussion around the issue of "Abstain" when a vote is called. This directly effected the meeting outcome on a vote. The specific effect discussed was in deciding on whether the majority vote for issues to go to CCP as either;
A) The yes majority required by count of members in the room,
B) or the majority of Yes vs. No votes.

Personally I find it abhorrent that
A) People fail to take a position after being expressly elected to do so, weakening the value of their vote to balance the council (in the case abstain effectively reduces number of people in the room) or simply failing to make a decision (in the case of majority in the room).
B) and We wasted so much time on the issue.

If you want to save yourself the pain of this discussion being re-opened at the end of the meeting, look out for the line;
"Serenity Steele > /emote signals to anyone reading the chat logs, that they may want to do something more productive with their life as this discussion comes up again."

When these sort of things happen It's really the sum of all my fears that the CSM will see a group elected who will- or can-not actually work together to make progress. Let's just hope it was a case of bad hair day!