May 24, 2008

Vice Chairman Steele

A quick post with a big Thank you to each of you who voted for me in the CSM elections and congratulations to the other candidates in the inaugural council.

The council had the meeting to vote internally for the non-chairman positions together with CCP Xhagen today.

I'm happy to say that I've been voted in as vice chairman, in a very close 5:4 vote Serenity Steele : Bane Glorious. Minutes will be published soon on the eve-online site. The full list of responsibilities elected are:
Andrew Cruse
Jade Constantine Chairman
Shayne Smart
Serenity SteeleVice Chairman
Eva Jobse
Ankhesentapemkah Secretary
Valentijn Geirnaert
Dierdra Vaal Vice Secretary

To keep the spirit and functioning of the CSM, all alternate Council members were also invited to participate in the discussion (although they don't have the ability to vote).

This ensures both effectiveness when a council member can't make a meeting and most importantly, familiarises more people with longevity of the CSM - Alternates have a high chance of being in the next council.

There is now an Assembly Hall where you can post your issues for CSM to review for recommendation to CCP.

A template will be coming this week. in the mean-time a tip: The more structured you make the issue, the easier/faster the CSM can format it to take to CCP.

Help us to help you!

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