May 19, 2008

Syndication Grid (ESM Grid Refs for download)

The Map Grid references in EVE Strategic Maps are now available for download, so you can either pick them up in Excel format for making your own layout to print or search, or CSV format with solarsystemIDs if you want to integrate them to your own website application (ICSC Jumpplanner already shows them)

If you put them into your own app, let me know and I'll make a link to it from the site!



Hauler said...

Thanks for the grids... I think it would have been nice, if they were included in the maps like in a real altas. It would cover a few pages but it would be really nice. Maybe an idea for an deluxe edition.

Grats on the election.

Serenity Steele said...

Hi Hauler. Yes, good idea on publishing an index in the book rather than just the downloadable references and syndication.

It's definitely a consideration for future editions.

The reason we left it out of this one was simply because it's a lot of pages and would add to both weight(shipping cost) and printing cost.