May 14, 2008

Ships and Shipping

The sailing holiday turned out to be fun and relatively uneventful, which is exactly what I was looking for. So I'm back and refreshed, replying on the CSM Jita Park thread and ... the most exciting news ...

The EVE Strategic Map book is shipping from the UK on 14th May (starting in about 9hrs by my clock)!

Oh yeah baby, can't wait for my copy to arrive. Yep, I ordered one .. mad as it may sound, the early prototype I use from 2006 Fanfest has beer stains all over it and it's cheaper than printing my own here in the Netherlands and the quality is much much much better.

No forgetting that my GF said "If I don't get a signed copy after 2 years of you tied to the computer, you're going to be both dead and divorced!"

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