May 01, 2008

Empyrean Age done, time for RnR AFK.

Happily last night I finished all the Empyrean age content updates to the EVE Strategic Map Book and it's off to the print press - I expect shipping to start around 16th May. The guys at EON will be emailing everyone to keep them up to date. Thanks for everyone's patience on the delay - having the new content will definitely be worth the wait!

So after 2 years of pushing for the Maps to get published and last-minute update for Empyrean Age, I'm pretty exhaused, so it's time for a well earning holiday, and be back in time for the second week of the CSM elections.

Beyond pirating *cough* sailing in the Carribean, I'll be thinking about the CSM, what my next big project will be in EVE and suffering EVE withdrawal. If I'm lucky I'll be able to find an internet connection.

See you on 12th May and remember ..

Vote Serenity Steele!



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Well done mate, 2 years of very hard work there! Kudos. I have just placed an order for mine :)