May 28, 2008

CSM #01 Chat Log

Chat Logs for the first CSM meeting #01 are posted onto the (unofficial) Council of Stellar Management site.

The first posting was a little delayed due to ensuring everyone was in agreement they should be posted - no-one objected. The meetings tend to be pretty late night/early morning for my time-zone, so I'll post up next day for future meetings.

A note on the logs: They've been spell-checked (not grammar checked), email addresses removed and clipped to the period between the official open/close.

CSM Alternates were invited to the meeting to enable them to speak and ensure faster transition should they be required to step in. (Note that CSM Alternates are unable to vote on issues as per the CSM rules by CCP)

Once the minutes are available, I'll update the site and this blog post with a link to those.

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