May 31, 2008

CSM #02 : Ownership.

The second CSM meeting ended about 30 minutes ago and was significantly more productive than the first.

At this meeting, votes were taken as to whether issues should be raised to CCP, rather than specific recommendations (as the templates are not done for another 48hrs), and ownership for writing them up into the template.

Chat Logs for the second CSM meeting#02 are posted onto the (unofficial) Council of Stellar Management site. The Agenda can be seen here.

The next step for the CSM meeting will be having pre-defined recommendations to CCP on specific issues. Expect future meetings to have more debate as contentious recommendations are agreed (or not).

Where are the Non-Sovereign systems?!

Had a good request come in via email:
To help out budding alliances, can there be a filter/list of all systems which don't have sovereignty?

If you've used the site, you will know looking at any region will show the sov levels of all systems and the alliance holding them. eg. Branch

Rather than browse all regions manually, I've added a column "NoSov" which you can click on to sort in the Regions list.

I hope that helps and keep the requests coming!


May 28, 2008

CSM #01 Chat Log

Chat Logs for the first CSM meeting #01 are posted onto the (unofficial) Council of Stellar Management site.

The first posting was a little delayed due to ensuring everyone was in agreement they should be posted - no-one objected. The meetings tend to be pretty late night/early morning for my time-zone, so I'll post up next day for future meetings.

A note on the logs: They've been spell-checked (not grammar checked), email addresses removed and clipped to the period between the official open/close.

CSM Alternates were invited to the meeting to enable them to speak and ensure faster transition should they be required to step in. (Note that CSM Alternates are unable to vote on issues as per the CSM rules by CCP)

Once the minutes are available, I'll update the site and this blog post with a link to those.

May 24, 2008

Vice Chairman Steele

A quick post with a big Thank you to each of you who voted for me in the CSM elections and congratulations to the other candidates in the inaugural council.

The council had the meeting to vote internally for the non-chairman positions together with CCP Xhagen today.

I'm happy to say that I've been voted in as vice chairman, in a very close 5:4 vote Serenity Steele : Bane Glorious. Minutes will be published soon on the eve-online site. The full list of responsibilities elected are:
Andrew Cruse
Jade Constantine Chairman
Shayne Smart
Serenity SteeleVice Chairman
Eva Jobse
Ankhesentapemkah Secretary
Valentijn Geirnaert
Dierdra Vaal Vice Secretary

To keep the spirit and functioning of the CSM, all alternate Council members were also invited to participate in the discussion (although they don't have the ability to vote).

This ensures both effectiveness when a council member can't make a meeting and most importantly, familiarises more people with longevity of the CSM - Alternates have a high chance of being in the next council.

There is now an Assembly Hall where you can post your issues for CSM to review for recommendation to CCP.

A template will be coming this week. in the mean-time a tip: The more structured you make the issue, the easier/faster the CSM can format it to take to CCP.

Help us to help you!

May 19, 2008

Syndication Grid (ESM Grid Refs for download)

The Map Grid references in EVE Strategic Maps are now available for download, so you can either pick them up in Excel format for making your own layout to print or search, or CSV format with solarsystemIDs if you want to integrate them to your own website application (ICSC Jumpplanner already shows them)

If you put them into your own app, let me know and I'll make a link to it from the site!


May 14, 2008

Ships and Shipping

The sailing holiday turned out to be fun and relatively uneventful, which is exactly what I was looking for. So I'm back and refreshed, replying on the CSM Jita Park thread and ... the most exciting news ...

The EVE Strategic Map book is shipping from the UK on 14th May (starting in about 9hrs by my clock)!

Oh yeah baby, can't wait for my copy to arrive. Yep, I ordered one .. mad as it may sound, the early prototype I use from 2006 Fanfest has beer stains all over it and it's cheaper than printing my own here in the Netherlands and the quality is much much much better.

No forgetting that my GF said "If I don't get a signed copy after 2 years of you tied to the computer, you're going to be both dead and divorced!"

May 01, 2008

Empyrean Age done, time for RnR AFK.

Happily last night I finished all the Empyrean age content updates to the EVE Strategic Map Book and it's off to the print press - I expect shipping to start around 16th May. The guys at EON will be emailing everyone to keep them up to date. Thanks for everyone's patience on the delay - having the new content will definitely be worth the wait!

So after 2 years of pushing for the Maps to get published and last-minute update for Empyrean Age, I'm pretty exhaused, so it's time for a well earning holiday, and be back in time for the second week of the CSM elections.

Beyond pirating *cough* sailing in the Carribean, I'll be thinking about the CSM, what my next big project will be in EVE and suffering EVE withdrawal. If I'm lucky I'll be able to find an internet connection.

See you on 12th May and remember ..

Vote Serenity Steele!