April 04, 2008

Now in the EVE Store ...

It was an emotional Friday, as after 2 years of hard work, countless discussions with CCP and possible a new definition of soon(tm), I'm very relieved to say EvE Strategic Maps are now available to you in the EvE Store.

No more getting lost on crossed over systems, no more hours of digging to find out where the best systems are, No more lose sheets cluttering up your desk, and most importantly, no more being a stranger in a strange land when visiting new regions.

I really hope everyone gets as much utility out of the maps as I have (I'm looking forward to having a replacement to the pre-revelations, Nov 2006 edition I'm still using!).

Many thanks to the guys at MMMPublishing for making it happen and professionalising the product to EON levels, to my comrades and friends who reviewed the various iterations culminating in the current trinity edition, and who were a shoulder to lean-on when I had my doubts they would ever see the light of day. Special thanks to all of you who supported in translation of the Legend.

So, after that pivotal moment, what's next for eve-maps.com?
  • IGB and more web-site features for both Outpost Alert and the ESM.
  • Syndication of the alliance data for Rethe Henney's G15 keyboard app
  • Upgrade of the database server to support more users
And of course, I'll can now focus on my CSM candidacy, playing EvE and getting a social life back!


eolruin said...

Finally you made it :)

I remember at FF 2006 where all still has been a goal to achieve.
I ordered mine already and hopefully get it in the next days/weeks whatever.


Serenity Steele said...

Thanks Eolruin .. It has indeed been a long road to the goal.

The bonus has been with EON's hand in the graphic design, it's just that little bit smarter, and I've been able to add more "off-region" systems in the time. Things like complexes just 1 jump into the next region, or the high-sec system only 4 jumps from an outpost et.al).

The neighbouring regions are also clearer than the original FF2006 version.

Anonymous said...

I am very much looking forward to recieve my map book. However the friggin Eve online store has been pending order for over a week.
What is going on? Out of stock already? I know if Amazon or Tigerdirect or Newegg did ship a order with 2 days customers would be losing themselves. The only reason I haven't cancelled my order

Serenity Steele said...

Hi .. the information I have is that the print-run for the book is planned next week, so I'd expect it to be posted within in the next 2 weeks.

The number produced will be directly proportional to how many order, so while it's not out of stock now, it may be shortly after the print run.

(I've also ordered one, and can't wait for it to arrive!) Thanks for being patient!