April 11, 2008

All roadtrips lead to ... Gankathon!

The roadtrip to Gankathon began this morning from Utrecht ... as I met up with Insurgency and BOB pilots from the Netherlands EVE Gathering, with the Steamy driving.

It was a pretty good drive down, barring the freight traffic on the route. Short of any serious hardward to clear the roads, it ended up taking us the better part of 10 hours to get to Copenhagen. Aparently a new record is maximum time compared to last year.

We were greeted by a few other INSRG at Copenhagen station, who'd miraculously managed to enticed (abducted?) a young blonde elfen sprite from WOW. Parting ways, I went on to get some practice in for my liver with blast from the past Count TaSessine .

For tomorrow, I'll be bringing a proof copy of EvE Strategic Maps for people to review and the crew at MMM Publishing have sent along 8 copies of edition #11 EON to hand-out.

Speaking of CSM .. for those of you following candidates, grab me for questions and you'll also find Lavista vista and TornSoul attending. While they're kissing bab(i)es, the first 8 people to tell me the total number of CSM candidates currently on Council of Stellar Management will receive the EON editions. Buying a beer also works ;)

Hope to see you there!

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