April 26, 2008

Database Drama (Edit: Fixed)

There is a problem with the database on the site, which is not enabling display of the Outpost Alert information. I've been in dialogue with the hosting company, but I'm not having any luck with them at the moment. I'll try a few more alternatives, then failing that will have to switch to another server.

Edit 00:30 AM 27 April, EvE-Time: Engineers now working on the server.
Edit 01:15 AM 27 April, EvE-Time: Fixed.

Turns out the problem was not enough swap-disk space on the server ...
I'm sure a FFS belongs here.

April 11, 2008

All roadtrips lead to ... Gankathon!

The roadtrip to Gankathon began this morning from Utrecht ... as I met up with Insurgency and BOB pilots from the Netherlands EVE Gathering, with the Steamy driving.

It was a pretty good drive down, barring the freight traffic on the route. Short of any serious hardward to clear the roads, it ended up taking us the better part of 10 hours to get to Copenhagen. Aparently a new record is maximum time compared to last year.

We were greeted by a few other INSRG at Copenhagen station, who'd miraculously managed to enticed (abducted?) a young blonde elfen sprite from WOW. Parting ways, I went on to get some practice in for my liver with blast from the past Count TaSessine .

For tomorrow, I'll be bringing a proof copy of EvE Strategic Maps for people to review and the crew at MMM Publishing have sent along 8 copies of edition #11 EON to hand-out.

Speaking of CSM .. for those of you following candidates, grab me for questions and you'll also find Lavista vista and TornSoul attending. While they're kissing bab(i)es, the first 8 people to tell me the total number of CSM candidates currently on Council of Stellar Management will receive the EON editions. Buying a beer also works ;)

Hope to see you there!

April 06, 2008

A Mechanism for bias?

The CSM already has a stated mechanism (5% rule) for pushing through ideas with popular support for CSM review. Once it's at the CSM for review, how it's voted by the CSM candidates for progression to CCP is out of our hands. Like any system, this has abilities to be 'gamed' by large alliances, by wealthly players, by the people who shout the loudest.

(un)Popular Support
If you're good at getting your ideas marketed and 5% popular support, you probably don't need me to do that. What I can deliver to EvE players, is an ability to raise your ideas in the CSM vote, that may be wierd and wacky (Alliance Rankings? IPOs?) yet are genuinely good ideas that you are not able to bring to popular attention. I can bring those ideas directly to the CSM for you.

Alliance (de)Bias
If you're in an enormous alliance able to vote-in it's own ideas, you probably don't need me for that. You need me as a person you can trust to ensure the other alliances don't get an unfair upper hand.

Two additional transparency mechanisms for the CSM.
So far so good - but how do we go about ensuring that the majority of the 9 votes at the CSM is unbiased? In my experience, the best way to get a transparency is to reveal the supporters behind the candidate at the CSM table.

To this end, together with players i know in RL, I've established and guarantee two additional candidates.
If you will not be voting for me, then I recommend;
  • Vox Pop, whos vote at the CSM table will be governed by IGB polling on each issue.
    You'll know the voice of the players is heard, because you will be making that vote.

  • Yusra whos vote at the CSM table will be governed by Per.Capita shareholders votes.
    Let the wealthy hold their power, but give us all a hand in sharing that wealth and seeing what the wealthy support.
IMHO, the best part of these mechanisms is that it doesn't need a CSM to push it to CCP. The players make the rules (hence my support for more tools .. that's another post).

So with these additional mechanism in place, what will I bring to the table?
Firstly you can trust me to combine my knowledge of EvE with my RL experience of leadership, process management and business analysis to ensure ideas are stated clearly and evaluated thoroughly and transparently.

Secondly, I'll provide oversight (combined with a healthy public audit) to this trinity of votes.

April 04, 2008

Now in the EVE Store ...

It was an emotional Friday, as after 2 years of hard work, countless discussions with CCP and possible a new definition of soon(tm), I'm very relieved to say EvE Strategic Maps are now available to you in the EvE Store.

No more getting lost on crossed over systems, no more hours of digging to find out where the best systems are, No more lose sheets cluttering up your desk, and most importantly, no more being a stranger in a strange land when visiting new regions.

I really hope everyone gets as much utility out of the maps as I have (I'm looking forward to having a replacement to the pre-revelations, Nov 2006 edition I'm still using!).

Many thanks to the guys at MMMPublishing for making it happen and professionalising the product to EON levels, to my comrades and friends who reviewed the various iterations culminating in the current trinity edition, and who were a shoulder to lean-on when I had my doubts they would ever see the light of day. Special thanks to all of you who supported in translation of the Legend.

So, after that pivotal moment, what's next for eve-maps.com?
  • IGB and more web-site features for both Outpost Alert and the ESM.
  • Syndication of the alliance data for Rethe Henney's G15 keyboard app
  • Upgrade of the database server to support more users
And of course, I'll can now focus on my CSM candidacy, playing EvE and getting a social life back!