March 30, 2008

Upcoming IPO

During April, I will be guaranteeing a new IPO and I am looking for community approved Auditor(s) to further enhance transparency. The Auditor(s) will;

Inform & Validate by
  • Having visibility on all wallet and share transactions.

  • Confirming income/dividends are issued as stated and on-time.

  • Reporting any irregularities in the corporate wallet on this forum.

  • Tell me when I need to pay-out if the corporation doesn't behave exactly as stated.
  • Total effort is anticipated at between 2 - 4 hours per month.

  • The Auditors will compensated (TB negotiated) and paid by me directly, so the auditor does not benefit from gaming performance of the corporation.

  • The Auditor will become (more) famous

Further details of the IPO will be revealed in person to suitable auditor(s).

If you have community recognised trust credentials and are interested in the position, or can suggest someone you would trust as auditor, please post here or Eve-Mail me in-game.