March 03, 2008

Dear region, you are unique

So Zaptero has come up with the genius idea that all pages should highlight some of the unique features from the region. Now the question is how on earth to get the data and screenshots.

After running a database export on all the landmarks, I've dug through all the complex and cosmos sites, and thrown a thread up on the forums.

Great. So now I know where a bunch of unqiue stuff is. The only thing is getting the screen shots together. There are only ~100, so shouldn't be too much trouble...

... until I head to 0.0 for some screenshots. Where it appears fame and fortune don't actually go together.

Somewhere up North ..
Me: Hey can I get through this blockade, just here to take some tourist photos
Pirate A: [Locks me]
Pirate B: Hey serenity, great for all the work you do
[Ship explodes]
me: Oh .. thanks
Pirate A: [Locks me again]
Pirate B: How about 20m to let you keep your pod?
Me: ...
Me: [Pod Death]
Me: [Set autopilot]

A little while later in Impass ..
Me: [Stuck in an Interdictor bubble]
Me: Hey, just here for some screen shots
Pirate A: [Locks Me]
Pirate A: Well you better be quick!
Me: [Locked, Ship explodes]
Me: [Locked, Pod Death]
Me: [Set autopilot]

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