March 27, 2008

CSM Candidacy

I've been reading through the dev blog on the Council of Stellar Management, and after sitting at the FanFest round-tables (that was a heated discussion), I still think that a lot of the functions of the CSM can be handled by
  • web 2.0 tools (players providing feedback on players forum posts, eg. ebay style)
  • in-game player created organisations (eve-university and .. erm .. and?!)
That said, having a qualified group of players sifting through the reasoning behind ideas presented on the forums and elsewhere will hopefully save CCP a lot of effort and give a voice to some of the more obscure ideas that could benefit both the game and community.

The leaves two questions:
  1. What skills, knowledge and abilities does a 'qualified' CSM need?
  2. In what ways are people going to game the CSM?
It's Nr2 that interests me the most, as it's less subjective. After discussion with some colleagues, I think I've got a fix for at least balancing any gamed CSM scenarios. I'll save those for a future post, after all the candidates are in.

For people who like puzzles, Hint: Trinity

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