March 30, 2008

CSM Candidate list

The Council of Stellar Management site is launched, starting with the data from Winterblink's thread.

I've added in avatars, forum statistics, date of birth and Alliance Afilliation. Nothing like a little transparency in the elections.

I'll also be offering hosting to any candidates that don't yet have a web-site space. Blogs might be easy to come by but web-space, that isn't smothered with google ads, is not.

I've already submitted my application for candidacy, but won't be announcing why just yet, first let the applications close.

Upcoming IPO

During April, I will be guaranteeing a new IPO and I am looking for community approved Auditor(s) to further enhance transparency. The Auditor(s) will;

Inform & Validate by
  • Having visibility on all wallet and share transactions.

  • Confirming income/dividends are issued as stated and on-time.

  • Reporting any irregularities in the corporate wallet on this forum.

  • Tell me when I need to pay-out if the corporation doesn't behave exactly as stated.
  • Total effort is anticipated at between 2 - 4 hours per month.

  • The Auditors will compensated (TB negotiated) and paid by me directly, so the auditor does not benefit from gaming performance of the corporation.

  • The Auditor will become (more) famous

Further details of the IPO will be revealed in person to suitable auditor(s).

If you have community recognised trust credentials and are interested in the position, or can suggest someone you would trust as auditor, please post here or Eve-Mail me in-game. dev log

  • Petitioned CCP as to why the Ka-Tet alliance isn't being reported in the Alliance.xml files. (Sorry to the Ka-Tet corps that show as having no alliance atm).
    Edit 30-Mar-08: Ka-Tet are back, XML is feeding fine again.

March 29, 2008

Council of Stellar Management

Well the time has come, all the candidates are gathering and the space lances are going to be crawling with cans announcing candidates. There are a lot of rumours that the alliances will take over the total vote - particularly the larger alliances like Goonswarm, Bruce, BoB and IAC.

To make things a little simplier, I've registered to keep a track of all the candidates. As soon as we get some people coming online, I'll post up information.

March 28, 2008 dev log

  • Fixed 26 Alliances who were assigned new AllianceID's by CCP. This was causing a display (only) of duplicate outposts owned by said Alliances. (It did not effect the totals displayed per region or the database record of the ouposts)
  • Fixed bug where outposts held by corporations without an alliance caused the outpost listings to crash (whether by region or otherwise)

March 27, 2008

CSM Candidacy

I've been reading through the dev blog on the Council of Stellar Management, and after sitting at the FanFest round-tables (that was a heated discussion), I still think that a lot of the functions of the CSM can be handled by
  • web 2.0 tools (players providing feedback on players forum posts, eg. ebay style)
  • in-game player created organisations (eve-university and .. erm .. and?!)
That said, having a qualified group of players sifting through the reasoning behind ideas presented on the forums and elsewhere will hopefully save CCP a lot of effort and give a voice to some of the more obscure ideas that could benefit both the game and community.

The leaves two questions:
  1. What skills, knowledge and abilities does a 'qualified' CSM need?
  2. In what ways are people going to game the CSM?
It's Nr2 that interests me the most, as it's less subjective. After discussion with some colleagues, I think I've got a fix for at least balancing any gamed CSM scenarios. I'll save those for a future post, after all the candidates are in.

For people who like puzzles, Hint: Trinity

March 12, 2008 dev log

  • Fixed roll-over information on Firefox browsers in Outpost Alert. This should also help people viewing Outpost Alert through Gmail.

March 06, 2008 dev log

  • Posted final book cover to site. Final preview of Maps not yet ready.
  • Updated FAQ: MMM Publishing (the makers of EON) will publish and ship the book from the UK, and it will be available for purchase in the EvE-online store.

March 03, 2008

Dear region, you are unique

So Zaptero has come up with the genius idea that all pages should highlight some of the unique features from the region. Now the question is how on earth to get the data and screenshots.

After running a database export on all the landmarks, I've dug through all the complex and cosmos sites, and thrown a thread up on the forums.

Great. So now I know where a bunch of unqiue stuff is. The only thing is getting the screen shots together. There are only ~100, so shouldn't be too much trouble...

... until I head to 0.0 for some screenshots. Where it appears fame and fortune don't actually go together.

Somewhere up North ..
Me: Hey can I get through this blockade, just here to take some tourist photos
Pirate A: [Locks me]
Pirate B: Hey serenity, great for all the work you do
[Ship explodes]
me: Oh .. thanks
Pirate A: [Locks me again]
Pirate B: How about 20m to let you keep your pod?
Me: ...
Me: [Pod Death]
Me: [Set autopilot]

A little while later in Impass ..
Me: [Stuck in an Interdictor bubble]
Me: Hey, just here for some screen shots
Pirate A: [Locks Me]
Pirate A: Well you better be quick!
Me: [Locked, Ship explodes]
Me: [Locked, Pod Death]
Me: [Set autopilot]

March 02, 2008

Trinity is here

So this weekend I managed to re-link the trinity database export to my CAD program, and ran the update. A nice suprise to see only 108 errors across all 63 regions.

Export of all the graphics went smoothly, and sent it all off to MMM for review and layout the pages for the book. Next step .. see what they can do with the layout!