November 13, 2009

CSM 4 Candidacy: Vote Serenity Steele.

How time flies - It's term 4 of the CSM and I've decided to run again. For those of you that don't know me, I was Vice Chairman of the 1st CSM. Please cast your Vote here.

My main platform at that time is what it remains today: I offer the EVE Community my

- Capabilities: At assessing and refining issues raised by players and fellow council members. In particular bringing an independent, balanced view to all issues.

- Credibility: Ability to deliver on plans. During CSM 1, I was elected as Vice Chairman. Knowledge of the universe and game, from EVE Strategic Maps, Running Alliances, Corporations and Launching the first Public IPOs to the Economy.

Credibility: Qualified player
Playing EVE since 2003 with 5 accounts has given me a deep knowledge of almost all game mechanics. This enables me to predict side-effects (or benefits) of proposed issues. This includes eg. PvP (Solo/Gang/Fleet/Blob), PvE, Mission running, Manufacturing from Moon/Roid/NPC to finished Ships and Modules (T1/T2/T3), POS, 0.0 Infrastructure (Outposts, Corp, Alliance, Pirating, being Suicide Ganked, Wars, Faction Warfare, NPCing, Mission Runnning and research. I do have a gap in my experience in Invention and Wormhole life, but know enough players who do both these activities to gather balanced views.

Capability: Qualified professional; With 20 years of professional experience in IT and Internet at a senior/strategic level and relevant experience to CSM in the areas of Leading/Participating in committees, teams and working groups, Mentoring and training managers and consulting on Internet Strategy, process management and change management.

During my working time, I created (EVE Strategic Maps) with is used by CCP employees! I've also appeared in documentaries to advocate EVE Online to current non-players (another Perfect World). For the last 3 months I've been doing private study on Game Design, and am working on private business venture for a new MMO. I was at the Game Developers Conference Europe to get the low-down on the Dust514 launch.

Belief in EVE Players
I have a strong belief that players have the capabilities, ideas and ingenuity to make changes in how we experience the game through emergent play, without sweeping changes from CCP.

Eg. Dominion: while thankfully (hopefully) solving the POS boredom, was not necessary to break the alliance stagnation in 0.0 space; It is possible for players to achieve this through self organisation.

What we players do need from CCP is support for game mechanic and particularly social networking tools to enhance the player abilities. Eg. Eve Banks, IPOs, Alliance organisation tools, Spacebook, API key access and of course the individual balance issues, which have been highlighted by players from CSM1 to CSM3. This will become increasingly important as Dust514 is integrated to New Eden in 2010.

Vote or Do you want to know more?
Vote Serenity Steele (or) Post a question up here. You're also welcome to Evemail or Convo me in-game.

October 09, 2008

FREE huge Poster with 2nd Edition Book.

For the curious, here is the size of the Poster that comes FREE with the 2nd Edition:

The poster includes all low-sec systems that have connection to other low-sec systems or 0.0 space. The North/South/East/West orientation between systems is true to the in-game map, and it includes all the low-sec faction warfare systems.

As with other maps, strategically important no-sec (0.0) outposts located to the edge of low-sec are also included, as are alternate close-routes through high-sec.

As per my previous blog, the poster will also be available for separate order, so owners of the 1st edition don't need to buy the 2nd edition to get the poster. (CCP haven't put that up on the ordering site yet)
The price is $6.95 including shipping as a flat-fold, or $12.95 on thick paper in a rolled tube (fixed price including shipping).

September 07, 2008

1st Edition Owners

I’ve worked hard to ensure that 1st Edition books keep their value, when compared to the 2nd Edition. I've taken the principle that any Strategic Map book should have a longevity of at least 1 year (Twice as long as the average EVE Subscription) and possibly up to 2 years (2 yearly Map changes by CCP willing).

How you ask? here is the round-up:
  • New Outposts covered by stickers
    Of course, any new outposts you can mark with your existing stickers. You should have approx. 130 of an original 144 Yellow stickers, to update the outposts! (If you've not started using them to mark your alliances sovereignty)
  • Page Numbers and Grid references are the same
    So you can communicate with owners of the new book with the same references. Same for all the syndicated sites (Verite's Sov Map, ICSC Jumpplanner et. al). Where systems have been tweaked in placement, they were kept in the same grid. This means works for you.
  • The EVE universe has not changed
    The EVE Universe has not changed
    The EVE Universe has not changed.
    Regions, Systems, Jumps etc. are all the same. NO CHANGE. NADA.
    At which point, I'd like to take a rant tangent for all the protagonists and forum whores who said "Not worth it - jumps, regions and systems change too frequently"; Regions, Systems and Jumps only change frequently on the maps you use, when your chosen cartographer does a shite job :P
    ESM Database driven checking FTW.
  • Map Index available for download and print
    You can download and print an index - This version has been available for a while.
    I'll release the index from the 2nd Edition shortly.
  • HUGE map available for separate purchase
    I've arranged with MMM publishing and CCP, that the free map with the 2nd Editon will be available for separate purchase at a fixed price that basically covers Postage & Packaging for the folded version as per with 2nd Edition. Or you can choose to have it delivered rolled-up in a Tube. (will appear on the store shortly)
  • You own an irreplaceable EVE Collectible
    Yep that's right! You own the 1st edition of the 1st officially published fan content for EVE Online (Currently the ONLY fan content officially published, and possibly any MMO?). So don't spill Beer or it, or throw it in a Canal ;) ok?
Thanks to each of you who purchased EVE-Maps by buying the 1st edition, and I hope this explains how I work hard to respect your support for the ESM and projects.

So what now? Fix the website to handle the visitor volumes. More website, IGB and digital tools to increase the utility of ESM!
Back to programming ...

Serenity Steele (aka. Shayne Smart)

EVE Maps 2nd Edition

EvE Strategic Maps 2nd Edition is now done and approved, and will be going to print tomorrow morning, so should start shipping in about 2-3 weeks. It is already available on pre-order

New Features
  • Full 14-page Index by Solar System
  • Market Hubs Marked on the map
  • Mini-Legend on every page for station services and moon/asteroid indicators
  • The fill colour of the border grids references on each page match the primary security of the regions.
  • Back-level grid lines added for faster/easier system location. These are subtle to not interfere with clearly seeing jumps
  • Universe page shows Faction Warfare regions at a glance
  • Faction Warfare region pages easier to identify quickly with colour reference in region name
  • Free HUGE low-sec multi-region poster containing same detail as EVE Strategic Map pages

Improvements to Existing Features
  • Colours brightened, for high-sec and no-sec station systems, to make obvious in low-lighting
  • Station Services simplified for reading:
    Oriented to Up/Down/Left/Right
    Indicator increased in size
    Better colours - white in high/low sec and higher contrast station system in no-sec
  • System names tweaked to aid identification of symbols
    increase distance from moon/asteroid/complex symbols
  • Additional off-region systems added to region pages to highlight multi-region routes.
  • 2D EVE Minimap, In-game ‘GPS’ browser tool for fast lookup of grid references with visual display. Search function works in a normal browser.

  • Updated with all current outposts (Yellow stickers still included!)
  • Ice fields removed from Kakakela, Sobaseki , T-8UOF, 5-75MB and Inoue

Error corrections
  • Kador: Some systems were coloured incorrectly for lowsec/highsec.
    Code created to identify any occurrence on any maps, all fixed
  • Jumps: some jumps were only shown in 1 direction on across region pages.
    Code created to identify any occurrence, 5 found and all fixed.
  • Grid References: Some references to other regions showed the grid-reference in the current region.
    Code for assigning Grid-References changed and all fixed.
  • Perrigen falls: Moons were on a hidden layer and not shown.
    Fixed - The layer is now shown.
  • Table of Contents:
    "Bleak Land, The" was missing an “s”, corrected.
    "Kalevala Expanse" was missing “The”. Corrected.